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3-E Training & Development

Dunamis Capacity Building is much more than just training, and teaching, it is life changing!

Dunamis is a Greek word that means; Strength, Power, and Ability. It also means; inherent power, power residing in someone by virtue of their nature, in which a person will exert and put forth moral power and excellence of soul.

Dunamis 3-E Capacity Building: for Entrepreneurs, Executives and Employees is extremely valuable for the development and building up of high performing business owners and entrepreneurs, as well as for training in the area of start-up, value building and relevant growth in new and existing businesses. 
During Capacity Building process, we first seek to understand what the barriers are as well as the lack of skills or resources that hinder the business owner, CEO, and/or their employee(s) from performing at the height of their full capacity.

Different from training, (that focuses only on skills), Dunamis Capacity Building focuses on the whole person, analyzing the person themselves, his/her soft skills, information and knowledge in order to thoroughly develop them in many areas. It is not only a matter of “knowing” the process in order to do a task, it is also providing the internal qualities, attitude and culture to perform at the highest level. 
SBIS provides our clients with a Capacity Building assessment to understand what series of actions should be put in place to move them toward a place of mastery in performance in all areas in their context.

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