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Assistance in Due Diligence Process

Due diligence is defined as an investigation of all the business activities, data, information, paperwork in order to have a perfect picture of the company’s status.

It is usually a verification process done before a deal to guarantee the buyer that all the information provided by the seller are correct and the deal can move further.

The entire company is analyzed: financial data, products and services, brand, customers’ data, licenses, patents and more.

The necessary skills to perform a due diligence are many, in fact the company is examined from a financial view and also legal, marketing, production and logistics.

SBIS can perform a due diligence process on a business by analyzing all the data, processes and information that are needed to provide a complete status of the company before they go to market or can perform if employed on the buy side.

SBIS can also assist its client by analyzing the results of a due diligence, both during the audit process of a due diligence done on its client.

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