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It is an inevitable, undeniable fact that your business will change hands at some point into the future. In most cases, when a business owner is asked about their plans for the future, you will hear that their “plan” is to; “sell the business, retire, invest in ‘something’, and play golf”. However, only 2 out of 10 business actually sell, which leaves 80% of companies who do not, and of those, most of the former businesses owners are depressed a year or so after their transition, as well as leave behind a good portion of proceeds that they could have received, and even leave their children, employees, and/or customers in a bad situation after the transaction. This is because:

  • 93% have no formal “life-after” business plan
  • Two-thirds of owners are not familiar with all exit options
  • 83% have no written transition plan
  • 49% have done no planning at all
  • 78% have no formal transition team
  • 40% have no plans to cover illness, death, or forced exit
  • Half of all owners need the company to remain profitable during and after the transition plan, yet 86% have not taken on a strategic review or a value enhancement project
  • 56% felt they had a good idea of what their business is worth, yet only 18% have had no formal valuation in the last two years.

**Stats from Walking to Destiny by Christopher M. Snider, Owner of Exit Planning Institute.

It is absolutely critical to engage in an actual Exit Planning Process prior to Exiting a company.

SBIS brings value by leading you to focus on the Personal, Financial, and Business aspects of your life while developing a strong Exit Plan that will allow you to sit firmly on the “3 Legs of the Stool” as Peter G. Christman puts it.

We literally grab your vision, assemble every member on your business team (which could include your Spouse, Lawyer, Accountant, and Wealth Manager), to bring them all into agreement around your plan, and then we quarter back the movement forward beyond the Finish line in the most effective and efficient way.

***See Value Acceleration Methodology from the EPI.


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