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Human Resources Consulting:

Human resources are the most precious assets of a company and the lifeblood of the operations, services, and product quality! Simply put, they are the Gold! Therefore, the care and development of the people is what matters the most!!

SBIS can help in the areas of Establishing, Guiding, or Totally Reforming your Human Capital Structure and processes, making your company a safe, and valuable place to be.

We guide our clients and their key human resources personnel through an outlined stage of development that increases necessary skills, and capacity to maximize performance in themselves and/or employees (daily and overall). 

We achieve this goal by performing assessments, audits, and interviews with key personnel in order to understand the current human resources processes and then deliver the steps needed to increase skills, capacity and higher quality in the HR department- resulting in a pristine HR structure, empowerment and a wider vision.

We also specialize in:  

  • Employee file management: guidance, & audits
  • Development & implementation of hr policy & procedures
  • EMPLOYEE ACTION FORMS: Disciplinary, Pay changes, job offers, & termination
  • Job descriptions: creation, or review
  • Employee recruitment/resume screening guidance
  • Labor law compliance guidance
  • HR Best practice assistance

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