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Growth Strategy Planning

It is very common that most business owners and CEO’s do not know the difference between Planning and Strategy. Although the differences are quiet significant, it is even more common for them to actually interpret both of these different aspects of business as the same thing. 

Difference between “Planning” & Business “Strategy”

Business Planning: 
In pretty much all cases, you can think of a plan as a “to do” list of the tactical steps needed to take in order to achieve a set goal. A plan is more like “how” and “when” a goal will be achieved. It is clear that a plan is very necessary to have as well as an important piece in the process. However, just having a plan will not actually get you to where you want to be with the best possible results. 

Business Strategy:
A strategy is the larger piece of the process and is actually an integral pillar to building a successful company. Lack of a Strategy is assured failure or mediocre achievement at the very best. “You can think of a plan without an overall strategy like a train with no tracks. The plan should always stay within the boundaries of the overall Strategy as you are moving forward Business planning leans more toward documenting ideas and Business Strategy is the documentation of actual execution!  –Jason Morgan, SBIS.”

In a well ran business, strategy always precedes the plan and frames the tactics of the plan.
SBIS brings the owners and their team to an elevated sight position over the company and allows them to see the overall picture and the different strategies to get to the targeted goal in the most favorable and efficient way. Further, from the elevated sight positon, an owner and their team can see every angle of the company, connect the dots and gain the potential to better position itself for the unforeseen circumstance that may be ahead. Thus, providing you with the whole picture, instead of just looking at the final outcome. We call this the “well done” factor opposed to, “we barely made it” scenario, which usually is achieved with inefficient stewarding of company resources, and overburdened employees- leading to burn out. 

In a nutshell:

  • Strategy is an elevated sight position that brings the purpose or the “why” to a completion in the most favorable fashion.
  • A plan is tactical and focuses on how and when. 
  • Strategy precedes the plan and guides the plan to targeted position. Never build a strategy “on top” of a plan but rather build a plan “under” a Strategy. 
  • A plan without a strategy is moving forward with little or no sight of the whole picture and is more likely going to cause the company to fail as result of unforeseen circumstances.

Our focus is to help create the distinction between planning and strategy in your business and then help business owners design and develop an excellent and doable strategy as well as a plan “to get there.” Therefore, we analyze the current situation, we address the issues (but only with the future goal in mind) and we help create the best conditions for your desired outcome.

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